Ganapath Movie (2023): Action-Packed Drama That Falls Short

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Ganapath Movie (2023)

Ganapath Movie (2023) is our movie for review today, released on October 20, 2023. Directed by Vikas Bahl, this action-packed drama blends sci-fi elements with an intense narrative.

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Table of Contents

Ganapath Movie 2023 Plot Summary


Ganapath is set in a dystopian world divided by a wall, where the rich live in luxury while the poor struggle for survival. 

The impoverished hope for their savior, Ganpat, as foretold by their leader Dalapathi. Guddu, enjoying a lavish lifestyle working for Dalaini’s right-hand man John, chooses fighters from the poor for gambling. Suspecting an affair between Guddu and his lover Dimple, John buries them alive. 

Guddu survives and seeks out Shiva in the poor village, who reveals Guddu as their prophesied savior. Initially uninterested, Guddu changes his stance when Jassi, whom he falls for, is kidnapped. 

After training under Shiva, Guddu embraces his destiny but ultimately betrays his new allies, crushing their hopes as he returns to the rich world with John.

Key Details

  • Director: Vikas Bahl
  • Producers: Vashu Bhagnani, Vikas Bahl, Deepshika Deshmukh, Jackky Bhagnani
  • Screenwriter: Vikas Bahl
  • Distributor: Coconut Motion Pictures
  • Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
  • Release Date (Theaters): October 19, 2023
  • Runtime: 2h 2m

Why You Should Watch Ganapath Movie


Ganapath attempts to deliver a grand narrative with a mix of action and sci-fi. The concept of a divided world and a reluctant savior is intriguing. 

The film’s production values are high, featuring impressive sets and costumes.

However, the film falters in execution. The storyline becomes convoluted, especially in the second half, losing audience engagement. The action sequences and VFX have been criticized for being over-the-top and cartoonish.

 Tiger Shroff’s performance is noted for its repetitiveness, focusing heavily on dance and fight sequences with little emotional depth. Kriti Sanon’s role feels underdeveloped and more of a showpiece.

Audience Reactions


Many viewers expressed disappointment, labeling the film as a “DISASTER ULTRA PRO MAX.” The excessive focus on boxing and action scenes at the expense of a cohesive plot and character development has been a significant criticism. 

The announcement of a sequel has also been met with skepticism.

Let’s take a quick break from the drama. Remember when movies used to have clear heroes and villains?

 In Ganapath, the lines are so blurred that even the popcorn machine was confused. During my screening, it stopped popping halfway through and started a boxing match with the soda fountain. Spoiler: The soda won by knockout.

Editor’s Final Thoughts


While Ganapath offers visual spectacle and high-octane action, it struggles with a compelling narrative. Fans of Tiger Shroff’s action might find enjoyment, but the film lacks substance and emotional depth to make it a must-watch. 

The plot holes are large enough to fly a spaceship through, which might explain the sci-fi angle. The chemistry between the leads feels more forced than natural, and the character development is as thin as a movie ticket stub.

Ganapath also tries to ride on the coattails of other successful sci-fi and action films but fails to capture the same magic.

 The dialogue often feels clichéd, and the jokes fall flat, much like a failed stand-up routine. The characters, especially Kriti Sanon’s Jassi, deserve better arcs that contribute meaningfully to the storyline.

Despite its shortcomings, the movie isn’t entirely without merit. The action sequences, although repetitive, are well-choreographed and visually appealing. 

The dystopian world is richly designed, giving viewers a sense of the stark contrast between the rich and the poor. The cinematography by Anuj Rakesh Dhawan deserves a special mention for capturing the bleakness and the occasional beauty of this divided world.

Should You Watch Ganapath?


If you’re a die-hard Tiger Shroff fan or someone who loves action for action’s sake, Ganapath might be worth a watch. 

However, if you’re looking for a film with depth, emotional resonance, and a coherent plot, this might not be your best bet. The movie tries to be too many things at once and ends up being a muddled mess.

What Are Your Thoughts?


Have you watched Ganapath? Do you agree with our review, or do you think we missed the mark? Leave your comments below and share your thoughts. 

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