Why PikaShow App Blocked by Play Store? [Shocking Reasons]

PikaShow App Blocked by Play Store

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through endless streaming apps, only to discover that your favorite PikaShow app is no longer available on the Play Store?

You’re not alone! Thousands of users are puzzled by this sudden disappearance. And they want to know that why Pikashow app blocked by play store?

Let’s discover the reasons behind the Play Store’s blocking of PikaShow. 

But first, let’s lighten the mood: “Why did the streaming app go to therapy? Because It couldn’t handle all the buffering in its life! 😁”

Information Details
App Name IconBanned App On Play Store Pikashow App
App Category IconApp Category Entertainment
Compatibility IconReason For Block on App Store Copyright Infringement,Unauthorized Content Distribution, Ban by Delhi High Court
Developer IconAvailability Yes
Link IconGet it On pikashowhub.com

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Introduction: The Mystery of PikaShow’s Disappearance


Did your favorite TV show ever come to an end in the middle of the season? That’s how many felt when PikaShow vanished from the Play Store.

Users, who were just getting cozy with its vast content library, found themselves facing the dreaded “Blocked by Play Protect” appearance. This prompts many to ponder the reasons behind the Play Store’s blocking of PikaShow on Android devices.

So, why did Google decide to pull the plug on PikaShow? Let’s read this article.

Understanding PikaShow Application


Before exploring the reasons behind the Play Store ban, it’s crucial to understand what PikaShow is.
A popular streaming app called PikaShow offers a wide range of free entertainment to users, including TV series, movies, and live TV stations.

It functions as a powerful tool for providing entertainment.
No subscription fees: Enjoy content without spending a dime.
Multilingual support: involves catering to a diverse audience in multiple languages.
Offline viewing: Download and watch your favorite shows anytime.
Smart search: With keyword-based searches, you can easily find content.
Regular updates: Keep yourself updated with the newest features and security patches.

Why Pikashow App Blocked by Play Store?


There are several reasons for PikaShow’s removal from the Play Store. One of the critical issues is why Play Protect bans the PikaShow app, primarily due to its potential security risks and violations of Google’s policies.

Why Pikashow is Unavailable on the Play Store?

  1. Unlicensed Content Provider
    PikaShow sources its content from third-party websites, often redirecting users to external platforms. This practice is illegal because it involves streaming content without proper licensing, a significant breach of copyright laws.
  2. Violation of Play Store Policies
    PikaShow failed to comply with Google Play Store app policies. These policies include guidelines on user data privacy, transparency, and ethical content distribution. Non-compliance with these guidelines, particularly regarding content rights and streaming, contributed to its removal.
  3. Security Concerns
    Google Play Protect flagged PikaShow for potential security risks when it was initially launched couple of years ago. The app’s low safety protocols were considered to compromise user data and device security, making it a potential threat to users’ privacy.
    This prompts a crucial inquiry: Can we trust PikaShow? The app’s inability to meet the Play Store’s stringent security standards suggests that it may not be entirely safe for users.
  4. Copyright Infringement
    PikaShow allows access to copyrighted content without the necessary permissions from content owners. The Play Store enforces strict copyright policies to protect creators’ rights, leading to PikaShow’s ban.
  5. Delhi High Court Verdict
    Delhi High Court ordered the shutdown of PikaShow’s streaming services across India and the arrest of its developers. The court found PikaShow guilty of privacy violations.

A Deeper Dive: Uncovering the Reasons


To further understand the reasons behind why Pikashow app blocked by play store, let’s explore the specific issues it faced, including justifications for the ban such as copyright violations, security risks, and policy breaches.

  1. Unlicensed Content: PikaShow sources its content from third-party websites without obtaining proper licenses. This illegal practice is the primary reason for the ban.
  2. Harmful Download Sources: When the pikashow was initially launched, the users frequently flagged the app’s download sources for malware, putting their devices at risk. But After the version v80 updated, this issue was resolved by the developers.
  3. Spyware Practices: During the initial phase of launch, PikaShow’s alleged unauthorized access to customer data raises serious privacy concerns. And this was the most common reason for the Delhi High Court decision for ban on the app.
    Later the developer resolved the issue successfully in the new version update.
  4. Click Fraud and DOS Attacks: In the testing phase, when the app was launched, there were several security issues found in the app.
    One major issue was DDOS attach, the application has been linked to denial-of-service (DOS) assaults and click fraud, two illicit activities that go against Play Store guidelines.
    But as we all learn from our mistakes, the developers also resolved the problem, but it was a bit late, and the app was removed from the Google App Store.

How to Safely Access PikaShow


Despite the Pikashow app blocked by play store, users can still access PikaShow through safe and legal methods.

1. Download from our official website.
The official PikaShow website is the safest place to download the PikaShow apk file. Ensure you’re downloading from a legitimate source like ours website to avoid malware risks.

Is Pikashow available on the Google ? pikashow trusted website www.pikashowhub.com

2. Use VPN services.
If your region blocks PikaShow, you can bypass restrictions and enjoy the app’s content by using a VPN service. Just be cautious and choose a reputable VPN provider.

3. Explore third-party platforms
If our official Pkashow website is inaccessible due to some technical reasons, you can look for the PikaShow APK on reliable third-party platforms. But be careful, and make sure these sources are reliable.


PikaShow’s ban from the Play Store stems from serious issues such as copyright violations, security risks, and policy breaches. While it remains a popular app for streaming enthusiasts, it’s essential to prioritize safety and legality when accessing it.

Always opt for our official and verified platform and explore legal alternatives to enjoy your favorite content without risk.

FAQs Related Pikashow Ban on App Store

No, PikaShow is not available on the Play Store due to multiple violations of Google’s policies.
Play Protect bans apps that fail to meet Google’s security standards, pose malware risks, or violate copyright laws.

If policy violations have removed an app from the Play Store, it is not possible to unblock it. Instead, consider alternative legal applications. There are several legal alternatives to PikaShow, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+. These platforms offer a wide range of content without the risk of copyright infringement.

Legal alternatives include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+.

PikaShow was developed in India, but it has also faced legal challenges there.Got banned form the Delhi High court over privacy policy concerns.

Yes, It’s safer to install PikaShow from our official verified website, by downloading from our website, you can eliminate the possiblerisks.

If PikaShow is unavailable in your region, popular VPNs like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost can help. Another free to use best VPN is 1111 VPN by cloudflare.

PikaShow is unavailable on the Play Store due to copyright infringement, security concerns, and non-compliance with Play Store policies.

If PikaShow isn’t working on Android, it could be due to regional restrictions, server issues, or problems with the app’s sources. You can get the complete guidance on resolving the not working issues by following our best article on Pikashow App not working solutions.

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